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Having over 20 years professional art experience with over 15 of those years in education I continue to share my knowledge through guest speaking. Whether its K-12, college, corporate, or conventions I guest speak on these topics:

  • Comics & Cartoon Art
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Character Design
  • Concept Art
  • Social Media

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Get In Toon! is the title of my educational series of workshops and products. The majority of my workshops come with handouts filled with information and you can always view some of my Get In Toon! tutorials on my YouTube page.

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Get In Toon! Basic Cartooning

Get In Toon! Basic Cartooning teaches the attendees how to draw cartoon characters and basic scenes. Topics covered will be drawing with shapes, the male and female anatomy, cartoon animals, and placing characters in simple themes.

Get In Toon! Creating Comics

Get In Toon! Creating Comics includes a presentation with a PowerPoint presentation which breaks down the comic process of making a comic. Basic storytelling skills (in both humor and story) are discussed. Guests will leave with handouts including notes based on the PowerPoint presentation and templates for making their own comics.

This workshop is mostly informational but can include the attendees to make their own comic strip.

Get In Toon! Storytelling

Get In Toon! Storytelling takes you through the process of creating a story which is meant to be viewed visually. Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” will be discussed.

Get In Toon! History of Animation

Get In Toon! History of Animation takes you on a journey through time as you relive (or learn for the first time) some of the greatest animated shorts of our history. Major players in animation such as Walt Disney, Tex Avery, Hanna & Barbera, and many more will be discussed.

Get In Toon! Creating an Animated Short

Get In Toon! Creating an Animated Short discusses everything you need to know about creating animated short. Topics such as coming up with the idea, scripting, character design, visual development, storyboarding and animatics will be discussed. I will also discuss software for both computers and mobile devices that will aid you in your development.

Get In Toon! Exploring the Creative Mind

Get In Toon! Exploring the Creative Mind helps adults get in touch with their inner child to unlock their creative minds.

Get In Toon! Digital Publishing

Get In Toon! Digital Publishing discussed publishing for web and mobile devices. Topics such as Interactive PDFs, ePub files, and websites like Talespring will be covered.

Get In Toon! Artist Spotlight

Get In Toon! Artist Spotlight focuses on a variety cartoonists (illustrators and/or animators) who have made a significant contribution to the comic and/or animated world. Artists like Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Maurice Noble, Jack Kirby, Hanna Barbera, and Charles Schulz are just a few of the artists that could be discussed.

For more information, please contact me here.


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