New Facebook Birthday Picture

Everyday I go on Facebook and everyday I feel like it is one of my friend’s birthdays. No matter  who it is whether I know them personally or not, I always wish them a happy birthday. It’s just nice for someone to hear and in this case read.

For a while I have been tossing around the idea of creating a picture to post for my birthday comment as a lot of cartoonists do. I’ve done a lot of sketches. Some were of characters I have like Plunger Pup and others were of other ideas, mostly chef’s and bakers. I love to cook (not bake so much, but I am pretty good at it from what I have been told) so I decided to go with the chef/baker idea. After playing with different character designs, I finally settled on the one below. I really like it a lot especially how the organic lines from my inking looks against the hard edge digital blue background. I’m enjoying this cartoon illustration so much that I thinking of removing my name from it to turn into a greeting card to sell.


So, if you are a Facebook friend of mine, you can expect this on your birthday. If not, the greeting card will be for sale soon (seems like I made the decision about making it a greeting card — That was fast).  🙂

Until next time remember, there is always time to GET IN TOON!


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